Our Active Investments

The only investments that pass the rigorous assessment of the MavensWood team

Institutional Investors

With our investment approach, we manage private market portfolios tailored to the desired risk/return and diversification profiles of our clients. Our aim is to provide enhanced returns and reduced volatility in their overall portfolios. We only invest in projects that pass the rigorous assessment of the MavensWood team, ensuring quality and potential for high returns.

Coming Soon: We will soon be launching a new fund. We are currently in the process of the FCA Registration and Approval Process. The above portfolio is owned and managed by the Managing Partner and team.

Private Investors

We invest in private assets held outside capital markets, focusing on high-quality companies, real estate, and infrastructure assets. Our goal is to create value through active, long-term, and responsible ownership. During our holding period, we work closely with management teams to improve performance and strategic direction, and carry out operational improvements.

Note: We are not seeking public investments as we are currently in the process of the FCA Registration and Approval Process.


Why Choose MavensWood Investments?


Meticulous Selection Process

Our rigorous assessment process ensures that only the most innovative and high-potential companies join our portfolio. We focus on identifying ventures that align with our core values and strategic goals.


Diverse Portfolio

Our investments span a wide range of sectors, from digital and healthcare to lifestyle and social impact. This diversity not only mitigates risk but also opens up multiple avenues for growth and innovation.


Active Value Creation

We don’t just invest; we partner with our portfolio companies to drive their growth. Through strategic guidance, operational improvements, and leveraging our extensive network, we help businesses reach their full potential.


Long-term Commitment

Our investment strategy is centered around long-term, responsible ownership. We believe in sustainable growth that benefits our portfolio companies, our investors, and society as a whole.



Upcoming Opportunities

Stay tuned for the launch of our new fund, designed to capitalize on emerging opportunities in high-growth sectors. Our commitment to innovation and excellence continues as we expand our investment horizons.

Leadership Vision

Our leadership team’s approach and deep industry insights enable us to identify and nurture high-potential ventures, creating lasting value for all stakeholders.

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