A Formidable Brand

‘Mavens’ means a pro or an expert. ‘Wood’ symbolises stability and the agelessness of the company which we strive to keep up with. Please find the Brand Guidelines.

It’s all in the Name

The company name is derived from ‘Mavens’ and ‘Wood’. A ‘Maven’ is an expert. ‘Wood’ represents stability and the agelessness of the company which we strive to keep.

To be exact ‘Mavens’ (‘meIv(a)n) as per Oxford Dictionary means “An expert or connoisseur”. ‘Wood’, as time goes by, becomes strong and firm and holds the base together. It spreads out its various branches in several directions and supports life and livelihood for many.

Our goal is to grow, transform, and develop a business so it may stand strong and firm, a process our company facilitates through a wide range of expertise, creativity, and passion.


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Our Brand Values

Ethical Investing

We are guided by a sense of community and environmental and governmental conscience in our supervised ownership benefitting all the stakeholders.


Our strategy of value creation is implemented by erudite partners, prudent investors, professional bankers, passionate founders, and the entire MavensWood team.



Integrity is the crux of our business. Our promise is robust and reflected in credible reporting standards to our valued investors.

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Why Choose Us

Experienced Partners

Our prudent partners come with decades of international management career, spanning specialist and generalist roles delivering rapid growth. They work with us and stay put all through the fundraising to exit journey.

Focus on Execution

Being a hands-on Private Equity we take deep involvement in the portfolio company. Our investee companies value the support and consultancy they receive throughout.

Conservative Risk, High Return

We strive to identify opportunities that are within our risk appetite and drive growth and cash flow through market making, financial engineering and transformation.

Our Brand Identity


Our People

Our people are the brand ambassadors. We are a proud family of investment connoisseurs supported by portfolio companies’ founders and teams.


Trademarked Monogram

Our registered trademarked monogram is a beautifully crafted M and W. The majestic M represents ‘Mavens’ while the W of ‘Wood’ represents ageless stability.


Brand Elements

Prata regular Typeform represents a beautiful and classic setting and Blue-Grey and Gold the brand colours for the global MavensWood brand.

Our BrandBook

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MavensWood Investments Ltd is one of the world’s fastest-growing private equity and venture capital companies. We are based in London and our reputation reflects a deep and abiding commitment to excellence in every area of investing and social impact.

MavensWood is growing globally and, in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global environment, continues to innovate while maintaining consistency.

A key element of our process is to use our well-established identity in a coherent and consistent manner. To demonstrate this visually, we share below our brand guidelines.

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We Look For : Right Fit 


Companies with strong positions relative to the market.


Companies within stable but niche markets or industries.


Teams seeking transformation - where significant operational expansion can add value to the company and investment.


Family businesses, Founder-owner companies, and Corporate Divisions, where a new professional direction with good corporate practice can drive shareholder value.


Strong free cash flow businesses that are a good candidate for equity value increase.


A team that is willing to engage in the execution plan together with the Private Equity team for mutual benefit.


A management team with zealous urgency and drive to change.


Companies with products and services that exhibit high per-employee earnings.

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Hours of Sourcing

Potential Opportunites

Active Investments

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