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June 2018 – Till date invested

– Growing Hi-Tech UAV Marketplace

The rising demand for aerial imaging in a diverse range of applications is a key factor driving the global market. The growing adoption of aerial imaging services in business projects in areas including disaster risk estimation, archeology, defense and security, cartography, journalism, construction and development, and tourism is accentuating the market.

The demand is expected to grow at 12% CAGR till 2014 to become a $24 billion market (Refer: Markets&

Brief about AerialBuz

AerialBuz is inspired by the buzzing sound the drone makes while it flies at high altitudes. The views that were the sole prerogative of the bird, had now fascinated humans. While we had Street View and Satellite View, AerialBuz has brought Aerial Views to global markets.

AerialBuz is the Brand and Trading name of AerialBuz InfoSystems Ltd ( earlier known as Aerial Photos Ltd., a hi-tech company based in London. The team has developed a highly evolved multi-vendor marketplace focusing on user experience and design-inspired multi-vendor models. The team is busy rolling out new features almost every week

Investment Process


The informal approach to the founding team


Extensive market research, feasibility study and technology fitment


Investment into Aerial Photos Ltd. to own a significant share


Hiring new team and investing in digital marketplace technology .


Ongoing operations, marketing and expansion support with the team

Investment Theme

The young and dynamic technology team was led by the founder and owner of AerialBuz InfoSystems Ltd. The company had a brilliant idea, the right marketplace and technology know-how. They needed solid support from a long-term investment partner, operational guidance and technology investment.

MavensWood partners provided the much-needed direction to expedite the technology product development, scope and sizing and launch into multiple markets.

AerialBuz InfoSystems Ltd: Key Business Services

Aerial Photos

GPS Enabled awesome Aerial digital stock photos for the industry, for free and paid licence. Learn More

Aerial Footage

Customers can enjoy and download the Amateur or Professional Aerial high-quality videos. Learn More

Approved Drone Pilots

A validated register of local trained Drone pilots, regulated (by the Aviation Authority) . Learn More

Drone Jobs

The active and buzzing market of jobs of short term and permanent. Companies list requirement, the applicant applies from the platform. Learn More

New/ Refurbished Drones

AerialBuz built the platform the most comprehensive list of brands of drones, parts, spares and refurbished drones and accessories. Learn More

Multivendor Marketplace

The power of the AerialBuz e-commerce platform is in its multivendor marketplace. Small and large sellers can access a global marketplace of Aerial Community. Learn More

Coming Soon: Drone Rentals

With the advent of expensive and changing technology drone renting had become a key growth category. Multiple local owners and sellers can rent their equipment and monetise. 

Events, Training and Tickets

A single platform where users can search and buy tickets to Drone experience tours, product launches and training classes. Learn More

Blogs and Know-How

One beautiful platform for all bloggers, newsagents, link builders to read and share their blogs and technical guides. Learn More

Let’s Work Together