About Us

We are a distinguished Private Equity company focused on Value Creation by transformation of the CIO and COO office

Value Creation

MavensWood is focused on building a selective, global portfolio of private equity investments, capitalizing on both the renewed emphasis on traditional private equity value creation in middle-market companies and the accelerating growth and business building opportunities for private companies across the digital and  “innovation economy”.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find ample opportunity within the small business SME, founder-owner companies and corporate carve-outs to invest, transform and deliver significant shareholder value.

Our Solution

For Business Owners

We partner with successful business owners to create a value delivery plan. We stay put with the founder’s shoulder to shoulder to craft business value.


For Business Intermediaries

MavensWood Investment structures its investments using a conservative debt, tax-efficient flow-through entities and free cash flow to fund growth.


For Corporates and Executives

We provide an introductory service to attractive investment opportunity, business acquisition, turnaround and growth professional to the Board.

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Why Choose Us

Experienced Partners

Our prudent partners come with decades of international management career, spanning specialist and generalist roles delivering rapid growth. They work with us and stay put all through the fundraising to exit journey.

Focus on Execution

Being a hands-on Private Equity we take deep involvement in the portfolio company. Our investee companies value the support and consultancy they receive throghout.

Conservative Risk, High Return

We strive to identify opportunities that are within our risk appetite and drive growth and cash flow through market making, financial engineering and transformation.

Subjective Input, Augment Existing Staff

We put our trust in the management and partner with them. Based on the need of the business health we provide specialist input and guide through the implementation.

Our Philosophy


Right Sourcing

We deploy all the industry best practice and our intellect and network to shortlist the chosen opportunity. A deep due-diligence follows.


Focus on Execution

One thing about us that stand out is the  operational value creation through effective identification of change and investment in operational, expansion and IT assets. We execute the change strategy.


Time to Exit

We are patient and see the fruits of the labour grow, but time-the-market in consultation with the stakeholders, that includes the investee company as primary member.

Our Partners

MavensWood has an experienced and accomplished international team who work collaboratively across sectors, industries and geographies. Please reach out to know more about us and to connect with the investment partner or turnaround specialist. If you want to know more about our industry association, please visit the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.


We Look For : Right Fit 


Companies with strong position relative to market


Companies within stable but niche market or industry


Teams that seeking transformation - where significant operational and expansion can add value to the company and investment


Family business, Founder-owner run companies, Corporate Divisions, where a new professional direction with good corporate practice can drive shareholder value.


Strong free cash flow business with good candidate for equity value increase.


A team that is willing to engage in the execution plan together with the Private Equity team for mutual benefit


A management team with zeal to urgency and drive to change


A company with product and service with high per employee earnings

Hours of Sourcing

Potential Opportunites

Active Investments

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